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Dear Reader,
welcome to the site of the Fertő-Hanság National Park Directorate. Our institute manages the protected areas of national importance in the county of Győr-Moson-Sopron. From the slopes of the Bakony Mountains to the Sopron Mountains, from the Danube to the meadows and oak forests in the Rábaköz region, this area preserves natural beauty, several protected landscapes and also ones worth for protection.
Together with the joint Austrian national park our national park is an area acknowledged by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) since 1991. The park is managed according to conservation zones the core of which is Lake Fertő, the westernmost Eurasian steppe lake. Due to its outstanding fauna and flora the Hungarian part of the Lake Fertő became a landscape protection area in 1977, whereas the Hanság in 1976.
In 1979 the area was announced a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO-MAB program, from 1989 on it is a Ramsar site. Its international importance is underlined by the fact that the entire Fertő region, together with the Hungarian and Austrian national parks, embraced by the shoreline settlements received the title World Heritage form the UNESCO World Heritage Convention in 2001.
Our Directorate is the institute supervising and managing from the conservationist point of view, conducting research on and introducing to visitors this wonderful piece of Hungarian landscape.
Beside the national park we do the conservation work in the Pannonhalma Landscape Protection Area, the biggest cultural heritage of which is the Benedictine Abbey, a world heritage site itself.
In the Szigetköz Landscape Protection Area we work to save the floodplain flora and fauna of the led off Danube. The maintenance and management of the Sopron Mountains Landscape Protection Area which represents a special natural value is also our task.
The conservation of protected parks, botanical gardens, marshes, saline habitats, Kun-hills and earth castles is also the concern of our Directorate.
Introducing the natural treasures and the active conservation work is the subject of our site. We hope You will be satisfied by and profit from it.

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